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  • Madame President

    When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a lot of different things: a doctor, a lawyer, a ballerina, a singer, and on my days off, a worker at McDonald’s. Clearly I also harbored a secret desire to be a Time Lord, since I imagined I could do all of these things at once. Throughout […]

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  • I’m certain of uncertainty

    Brian has a drawer in his dresser full of t-shirts that he’s either had since before I met him in 2004, or that I bought for him early in our relationship. Many of the shirts are wearing thin; many have holes forming in the reinforced collars because of age, wear, and that time he lived in a […]

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  • Cleansing the Temple

    My goal this Holy Week is to look at my faith and the church’s engagement in the world through the lens of Jesus’ time in Jerusalem. Today, I’m thinking about the typical sermon one hears on Palm Sunday – Jesus enters the gates of Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, with children waving palm […]

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  • Transitus

    palm sunday death resurrection

    Palm Sunday is the beginning of the end of Jesus’ active ministry on earth. His arrival in Jerusalem, foretold in the millennia before he took human form, sets into motion all of the events of Holy Week. This post is based on a sermon I delivered at Shoregate UMC this morning as part of the […]

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  • A Love Letter to the Neighborhood

    Well, it’s time for me to step into the confessional. Arthur…enjoys screen time. Now that you’ve recovered and I’ve passed off my World’s Best Mom mug, time for confession #2: I. Love. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. For the uninitiated, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a PBS show based in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make-Believe and centered around a new […]

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  • I believe we haven’t met…

    Last night, I had a Facebook exchange that unfortunately turned out like so many such conversations do when “discussing” current events. In light of that thread, I decided it’s probably time to reintroduce myself so everybody here knows what I’m about. I believe that Jesus Christ, wholly God and wholly man, came to Earth to […]

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  • Shaving away my vanity

    This was going to be a video, but alas I feel viral plague coming and I have to have a voice to preach tomorrow. So… Shave day is tomorrow, so it’s time for my last childhood cancer fact and bald benefit. Fact: Late effects, or physical and emotional problems related to cancers and their treatment, […]

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  • Going “Bald” to fight childhood cancer

    Childhood cancer is a killer I hope never to meet. According to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes – for many, sadly, a death sentence. Childhood cancer isn’t like adult cancer. The cells are attacked differently, respond differently, and are therefore unable to be treated as effectively as the […]

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  • The monopoly of the “first”

    Time for a confession, friends: my name is Shannon, and I am addicted to first times. I feel safe betting every future cup of coffee I may never get to drink that I am not the only one. I am practically obsessed with firsts – first smile, first word, first steps, first trip to the […]