Arthur’s 1st Birthday, and remembering.

I am overwhelmed with profound thoughts and emotions, and strangely enough find myself without the words to express them.

My little boy’s first birthday is today – he’s officially crossed over from “baby” to “toddler” even though in my eyes and heart he will just always be my precious love. He’s 10 inches longer than he was at birth, and 14 pounds heavier (which I could have told you without a scale, mom arms here I come!) He has five teeth, eats regular food and is able to communicate his wants and needs so well that it’s simply astonishing.

While of course this is a post about family, you may notice that it’s cross-posted under “Growing in Faith”. Parenthood is itself an exercise in growing faith, for I don’t know of a parent who can look at their beautiful child growing and learning and taking their first tentative steps toward independence (literally and figuratively) and not celebrate a higher power in their heart. I see God in my birthday boy’s eyes every moment of the day.

For those of you who know something of my faith journey, however, Arthur’s birthday also holds another special – though sadder – significance. A year ago today, one of the guideposts on my journey went to be with the Lord after months of fighting back from injuries he sustained in a car accident. He was my social studies teacher, but he was also a husband and later a father, and a true servant of God. Though I hadn’t seen him in 13 years, I often thought fondly of him and after his accident I followed his progress through the CaringBridge page his mother set up. His journey, and theirs, are a continued inspiration and an example of the strength and resilience that faith in God provides to His children.

I consider it an extra special gift from God that He tied two such important people in my life together in such a way, because for the rest of my life I will not mark one occasion without remembering the other and thanking God for placing the right people in my path.

So a happy, happy birthday to my sweet Arthur, and love and prayers for peace to Jim Muth’s family and friends – may the day fall gently for you, and may you find comfort in the legacy that continues well beyond his mortal life.