Deconstruction and Parenting: King Agnarr in Frozen II

Frozen II King Agnarr

Deconstruction represents the process by which we start to pull at the threads of harmful patterns and beliefs that we have inherited, sometimes over generations. For many, deconstruction includes the role and value of children and proper discipline. In faith communities, it often involves questioning the identity and demeanor of the God we have received. […]

Magnificat for the Madonna

A pre-Advent meditation… I’m thankful that a teenage girl in a backwater village said yes –Yes to sideways glances.Yes to whispered (and not-so-whispered) accusations.Yes to suspicion from family and neighbors.Yes to the possibility of going it alone.Yes to a million and one other things she couldn’t know would happen.Yes through her fear.Yes through her doubt.Yes […]

Eden revisited

Trees and flowing water at Tel Dan National Park, Israel

A few different friends suggested that I watch Good Omens on Amazon Prime. It’s funny, British, has a stellar cast, and is an irreverent take on the relationship between good and evil? I’m there. (Well, I’m only 3/4 of an episode there so far. Finishing a thesis and attending Annual Conference really takes it out […]

Absolute love

This reflection came up in my Facebook timeline this morning, attributed to Pedro Arrupe, SJ: Nothing is more practicalthan finding God,that is,than falling in love in a quiteabsolute, final way.What you are in love with,what seizes your imagination,will affect everything.It will decide what will get you out of bedin the morning,what you will do with […]

Sowing the garden

heartstrings make tender roots that strain toward the sunlampeven as they burn from the heatthat drink deep of bitter tearseven as they disintegrate from the acidand still they prove to bethe tastiest morsels for devouring is it any wonder that my garden doesn’t bloomwhen you trample growing shootsto rip out tender rootsand have them for […]


i knowjust enough to knowhow sparse and fleetingare the things i knowfor every thing i learni unlearn three morefor a life built on being righti have learned to live in the spaceof being wrong and maybe i’m wrongabout the guest list for heavenand maybe i’m wrongabout how gloriously we are madeand maybe i’m wrongto believe […]