Forgotten poems

Yesterday I found some poems while I was looking through my old blog for a post that I swear I imported from a blog that’s older still. I forgot I had written these poems, and others, but I’m not surprised – poems are my thing. They’re fairly unhappy, but I think I’ve always written my best poetry about dark emotions. The light poems just don’t flow as well, or they strike me as cheesy.

But that’s okay, because these poems will do.

In lieu of new material today (yes, I’m cheating), I want to share two of these poems. One is about 2 years old and the other is closer to 4 years old. Maybe I’ll go back through and note the dates, but for now the words matter more than the dates.

Untitled #1 (2010)

If my playlist could speak,
it would tell you all the things
I’m too proud to say
If lyrics had a voice,
by each syllable would
my deepest anguish be betrayed
If my music made it through to you
all the notes would whisper
that in truth, I’m not okay
And the music still plays on,
every note for me alone
Each melody reminding me
that now I’m on my own…
If a faded strain you hear,
with every note there is a tear
a quiet, broken wish for one more day.


Untitled #2 (2012?)

I love you. A thousand lifetimes
have come and gone,
ebbed and flowed as the tides
of so many oceans.
You are with me, as the darkness
dwells in starlight,
a contradiction of heart and mind.
I cannot escape you,
I do not want to.
Loving you is power
and weakness, joy
and pain.
I love you. A thousand lifetimes
have come and gone, a thousand more
will follow.
You will haunt me still.