Halloween #TBT [#Blogtober14 Day 9]

Good news! Halloween is only 22 days away. I don’t know if you know this, but it’s my favorite holiday and will be until my birthday gets the recognition it deserves.I also, ironically, married someone who for reasons unknown even to him actively dislikes Halloween. I didn’t even know people like that existed outside of fringe religious sects. (“Angel eggs” – really?) But that’s okay, because for #Blogtober14 today I’m supposed to talk about my best-and-or-worst Halloween. (It’s also #tbt guys!)

Except…this could be an issue. I don’t actually remember the last time I did anything for Halloween to consider one the best or worst. Thinking…

Please hold, thoughts loading...
Please hold, thoughts loading…

Okay! I got it.

Halloween 2007: I went over to hang out with soulmate Josh. Welch Hall got to put on a trick or treat street for the kids of Delaware, the type of thing you wouldn’t typically choose good old Bashford Hall for because A) nobody would help out and B) it’s entirely likely that a drunk guy with no pants would show up on one floor or another. Josh’s sister and her kids came down to help out as well and, with his residents’ help, they recreated Candy Land on the ground floor of Welch.

Pictured: Awesomeness
Pictured: Awesomeness. Images stolen without regret from Josh’s Facebook.

It was so much fun, as is everything when Josh is involved.

Even though we didn’t dress up and weren’t the ones actually trick-or-treating, I would call this one the best Halloween. Bar nights and Halloween-themed parties with the Model UN crowd are a close second! And hopefully this year will put them all to shame as we take Arthur out trick-or-treating for the first time.

Oh, and there was that Halloween in high school when I got candy from the other member in our mutual appreciation society. You can’t go wrong with candy.

Don’t forget: with Halloween comes…HOCUS POCUS! I’ll just leave this here for you to enjoy.

What was your best/worst Halloween memory? 

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