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  • Going “Bald” to fight childhood cancer

    Childhood cancer is a killer I hope never to meet. According to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes – for many, sadly, a death sentence. Childhood cancer isn’t like adult cancer. The cells are attacked differently, respond differently, and are therefore unable to be treated as effectively as the […]

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  • The monopoly of the “first”

    Time for a confession, friends: my name is Shannon, and I am addicted to first times. I feel safe betting every future cup of coffee I may never get to drink that I am not the only one. I am practically obsessed with firsts – first smile, first word, first steps, first trip to the […]

  • Domestic Un-Goddess
  • The domestic un-goddess

    The battle for domestic bliss – it’s real, and it’s never-ending.I’m a big fan of personal organization, which I’ve mentioned more than a dozen times on here and, well, just about everywhere else. The problem is, admiring and cataloging organizational best practices is only productive when you actually put them into practice…and there, dear friends, I am […]

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  • Why I don’t worship my child

    I love my child more than I’ve ever loved anybody – a lot of love, given that I’ve loved very hard and very deeply in my life. But I’m troubled at the idea of parenthood that has taken root since I was a kid, this notion that becoming a parent immediately converts you into an acolyte worshiping at the […]

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  • Forgotten poems

    Yesterday I found some poems while I was looking through my old blog for a post that I swear I imported from a blog that’s older still. I forgot I had written these poems, and others, but I’m not surprised – poems are my thing. They’re fairly unhappy, but I think I’ve always written my best poetry about dark emotions. […]

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  • One more

    Give me one more tearful goodbye when I turn to leave your room at daycare, even though it breaks my heart.Give me one more bright-eyed squeal of delight when I walk into the room. Your joy makes all of the day’s madness slip away.Give me one more drop of your head on my shoulder, arms clinging […]