Why I don’t worship my child

I love my child more than I’ve ever loved anybody – a lot of love, given that I’ve loved very hard and very deeply in my life. But I’m troubled at the idea of parenthood that has taken root since I was a kid, this notion that becoming a parent immediately converts you into an acolyte worshiping at the […]

Forgotten poems

Yesterday I found some poems while I was looking through my old blog for a post that I swear I imported from a blog that’s older still. I forgot I had written these poems, and others, but I’m not surprised – poems are my thing. They’re fairly unhappy, but I think I’ve always written my best poetry about dark emotions. […]

One more

Give me one more tearful goodbye when I turn to leave your room at daycare, even though it breaks my heart.Give me one more bright-eyed squeal of delight when I walk into the room. Your joy makes all of the day’s madness slip away.Give me one more drop of your head on my shoulder, arms clinging […]

The Contentment Challenge

One of the benefits of the #Blogtober14 challenge so far has been that just getting into the habit of writing regularly is churning the creative juices so I can write on things that are more relevant to the vision I have for this blog rather than always following the prompt in front of me. Today’s inspiration came […]

Stop trying to make “Slutoween” happen.

In what I personally consider to be a more offensive marketing fail, I received an email newsletter today in which the featured post was “Slutoween 2.0” (there was a 1.0, apparently), which purported to run down the “over-the-top” sexy costumes available for purchase this Halloween.At the end of the blurb, the poster implored, “Let’s see a little bit more […]

Quotes I live by [#Blogtober14 Day 15]

So I was just kidding about blogging again yesterday. On the plus side, I wrote two more pages of my book! Maybe one day after it’s published some other people’s favorite quotes will come from its pages. In the meantime…back to #Blogtober14! I actually collect quotes, so the only temporary difficulty I had with today’s suggested topic was whittling […]

#Blogtober14 catch up day!

The #Blogtober14 bandwagon made a stop at my house this weekend and I jumped off for a little bit of a screen break. I got to spend a day at home with my boy, and I didn’t realize how much I missed our Mommy-Arthur days until they became such a rare treat. I also got to […]