When I started blogging [#Blogtober14 Day 6]

Blogging is, for me, a natural extension of what I’ve been doing my entire life. I’m the girl who kept her 4th grade journal and used it as an inspiration to keep writing. I have a folder of poems that I wrote from 7th grade through sophomore year of college that alternate between overly saccharine and…dark, just very dark. I live for words, and I started blogging almost as soon as I had regular internet access.

That said, I had a pretty difficult time thinking of 10 things I would tell myself when I started blogging. I tell myself a lot of things all the time…but here are some of the recurring inner dialogues happening.

1. I can only blog about one thing.

Blogs need a cohesive theme, right? I’ll never be able to keep up with multiple topics.

2. I must blog about all the things.

I am a well-rounded person with a multitude of interests – and I have to share them all with the world! There’s a reason you can create tons of categories and sub-categories.

3. My blog has to be serious in order for me to be taken seriously.

Nobody will listen to what I have to say unless I say it in big words, flowery sentences, and with few images.



Guys. I’m never going to live up to my high school superlative of “Most Likely to Be Famous” if I don’t get a million followers to retweet everything I write so someone who’s already famous can see it.

5. I don’t need to get my blog out there.

Psh. I’m just living my life and writing about it, nobody’s going to care except for three people on Facebook and maybe my mom. And on that note…

6. My mother is the only person who will read this.

cool mom

6b. Who am I kidding, my mom will only see this if I read it to her.

7. Please don’t let my mom read this.

8. I don’t need my own domain.

This one is both true and false. Strictly speaking, keeping my blog on any of the free sites (I’ve used most of them) would do just fine. Still, I like having my own domain and more freedom over how my site looks. I still use WordPress because I absolutely love the platform, but since I consider myself a serious blogger now – even if I never get famous – having my own site sets my blog apart from something like shannonsfancifulramblings.wordpress.com. Disclaimer: I have NO idea if such a site exists. But if it does you should go check it out, that’s a pretty awesome blog name.

9. I’m going to do this EVERY DAY.



Once again, with feeling:

legally blonde liar

10. I love blogging.

I really do. When I stop freaking out about keywords and the perfect topic and whether I’m simply shouting into the void, I love the process of blogging. It’s just putting words on a screen instead of in a notebook, sharing a small piece of my soul with anybody who cares to take a look. And if my blog can help somebody, so much the better.

At least then I know it’s not just me reading it to my mom.

What did – or do – you tell yourself about blogging? Share in the comments!

Helene in Between