One more

Give me one more tearful goodbye when I turn to leave your room at daycare, even though it breaks my heart.Give me one more bright-eyed squeal of delight when I walk into the room. Your joy makes all of the day’s madness slip away.Give me one more drop of your head on my shoulder, arms clinging […]

Chasing a Life of Balance

chasing balance

I feel so out of balance. It’s not just because I have a cold this week (thanks boys!), though I’m sure the itch in my throat and the pain in my ears are messing with my equilibrium. I just feel like everything is up in the air and that I’m somehow just churning through each day – […]

The father who’s there

Fathers are at a serious disadvantage that begins at conception. No matter how many appointments they attend or how many ultrasounds they see, mothers have an immediate and soul-deep connection with every child they carry because each is, for those many weeks, an actual part of his mother. There was even a post I remember seeing several months ago […]