I don’t feel married. I mean…there are moments. Like the first time I referred to him as “my husband” in casual conversation. And the entire day I spent running around to change my name, even though that feels pretty normal now as well. And yes, the cramp in my hand from writing another batch […]

Tej’s Forever Home

Tej was ten months old last Thursday – I can’t believe how big he’s getting! With that in mind, and since the APL just sent an email about adopting “the perfect pet” and soliciting adoption stories, I think it’s time to showcase my little fur baby. After a fair amount of discussion (and more than […]

Living Love & Respect

As part of our ceremony preparation, Brian and I have been attending informal monthly meetings with our awesome youth pastor turned officiate, Kathy. At our last meeting in December, Kathy suggested that Brian and I take a five-week course offered by the church on Love & Respect to strengthen our relationship – “it can’t help but help!” […]

We’re terrible authority figures.

Brian and I were sitting in the kitchen the other night, and Tej (our beloved six-month-old-on-Tuesday kitten) was giving us our nightly workout. See, before we had him declawed he would get his workout by scaling my legs to make it to greater heights; now, though, he’s discovered that he doesn’t need front claws to gain […]

Flashback Friday

I was going to post this directly to Facebook…but then I thought better of it (not least of which because I’m convinced my brother will murder me). However, this is just too cute not to be shared. Mom and I were going through her plastic tub of pictures from various points in the last 25 […]

Read this if you’re old…

…or if somebody you know is old, and could stand to hear it from someone to whom they’ll actually listen. Old people, you are becoming children all over again. This is merely a reflection, based on my observations of both children and old people. Several similar behaviors are evident, including an unwillingness to listen to […]

Monday musing

A few reflections from this weekend: Farmers’ markets should be mandated by law in every community. Mom and I went out at 8 am on Saturday to the Willoughby Farmers’ Market (conveniently, run by our cousin) and oh. my. goodness what a difference fresh produce makes. I walked out with bags of fruits and vegetables […]

The weekend dilemma

So of course, this Sunday is Father’s Day. It also happens to be the day of a midsize family picnic with my mom’s side of the family, since that was the only day that my cousin could reserve the park. While my parents are separated, over the last seven years they’ve built up a more […]