#Blogtober14 catch up day!

The #Blogtober14 bandwagon made a stop at my house this weekend and I jumped off for a little bit of a screen break. I got to spend a day at home with my boy, and I didn’t realize how much I missed our Mommy-Arthur days until they became such a rare treat. I also got to […]

Why I left

The #WhyIStayed and #WhyILeft topics have exploded in the last week and a half, since the video of Ray Rice brutalizing his now-wife in an elevator surfaced. Articles like this one have brought domestic violence out into the open, forced those who have never encountered it to face survivors’ truths…and for some survivors, provided the first opportunity to truly realize that the […]

I am pro-life.

Today’s Supreme Court decision has me thinking about what it really means to be “pro-life”. I suppose a politics major never really stops paying at least some attention to politics, particularly when it comes to issues of women’s rights and access to health care. In a nutshell, Burwell v. Hobby Lobby grants “closely-held” corporations the right to […]

Advice to 17-year-old me

I belong to a fantastic online community that I’m only not outing here to protect the identities of my fellow community members. At any rate – yesterday the admin of this awesome site posted about the advice she would give to her 10-years-younger self and it got me thinking (always good!) about the advice I would give […]