Happy Birthday Michelle Obama!

Michelle Obama is 50 years old today, and I want to wish her a very happy celebration this weekend. Why is this blogworthy, you ask? Because I admire our First Lady and don’t get to share that often enough. Look at Michelle Obama. She is the picture of a classy, successful and independent woman. She is […]

23 Things

Have you seen this yet? 23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged When You’re 23 Well you’re welcome, and sorry I’m not (very) sorry. I linked to this blog post on my own Facebook for a couple of personal, disjointed reasons, and as the discussion has developed I’ve had time to think through my […]

On the Nature of Evil – Quotes of the Day

I subscribe to a Page-A-Day calendar email, so every morning I wake up to a new quote or suggestion for living a happier, less stressful life. This morning’s gem was particularly resonant, so I figured I would share. “Imaginary evil is romantic and varied; real evil is gloomy, monotonous, barren, boring. Imaginary good is boring; […]

Setting good habits

I’ve had enough of New Year’s resolutions. Everybody knows (some better than most) that the very act of resolving to do or change something in the coming year is as good as admitting that six months from now that particular part of one’s life is going to be pretty much the same. The only resolution […]

It is what it is.

So we all know that I can’t go too long without blogging about my personal life — even though The Writer’s Closet is doing quite well in terms of a niche blog, I still have to get out all of the other stuff going through my head that’s not even vaguely (okay, maybe vaguely) related […]