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  • A Love Letter to the Neighborhood

    Well, it’s time for me to step into the confessional. Arthur…enjoys screen time. Now that you’ve recovered and I’ve passed off my World’s Best Mom mug, time for confession #2: I. Love. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. For the uninitiated, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a PBS show based in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make-Believe and centered around a new […]

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  • Going “Bald” to fight childhood cancer

    Childhood cancer is a killer I hope never to meet. According to St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes – for many, sadly, a death sentence. Childhood cancer isn’t like adult cancer. The cells are attacked differently, respond differently, and are therefore unable to be treated as effectively as the […]

  • Domestic Un-Goddess
  • The domestic un-goddess

    The battle for domestic bliss – it’s real, and it’s never-ending.I’m a big fan of personal organization, which I’ve mentioned more than a dozen times on here and, well, just about everywhere else. The problem is, admiring and cataloging organizational best practices is only productive when you actually put them into practice…and there, dear friends, I am […]

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  • Why I don’t worship my child

    I love my child more than I’ve ever loved anybody – a lot of love, given that I’ve loved very hard and very deeply in my life. But I’m troubled at the idea of parenthood that has taken root since I was a kid, this notion that becoming a parent immediately converts you into an acolyte worshiping at the […]

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  • The Contentment Challenge

    One of the benefits of the #Blogtober14 challenge so far has been that just getting into the habit of writing regularly is churning the creative juices so I can write on things that are more relevant to the vision I have for this blog rather than always following the prompt in front of me. Today’s inspiration came […]

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  • Stop trying to make “Slutoween” happen.

    In what I personally consider to be a more offensive marketing fail, I received an email newsletter today in which the featured post was “Slutoween 2.0” (there was a 1.0, apparently), which purported to run down the “over-the-top” sexy costumes available for purchase this Halloween.At the end of the blurb, the poster implored, “Let’s see a little bit more […]

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  • Quotes I live by [#Blogtober14 Day 15]

    So I was just kidding about blogging again yesterday. On the plus side, I wrote two more pages of my book! Maybe one day after it’s published some other people’s favorite quotes will come from its pages. In the meantime…back to #Blogtober14! I actually collect quotes, so the only temporary difficulty I had with today’s suggested topic was whittling […]

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  • Uncluttered

    Uncluttered by Gwen Smith has been stuck in my head from the day I first listened to it a couple of weeks ago. I searched for her music on Spotify after I signed up for her Girlfriends in God devotional, and this was one of the songs that just called out like she had written […]

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  • Darth Vader’s Guide to Mother’s Day

    Mother’s Day is two days away! I’m just a tad excited because this year is my first real Mother’s Day. (No offense, Artie, but it’s more fun to carry you outside of my body.) I’m looking forward to relaxing – sleeping in all by myself (9 am, here we come!), not cooking anything, and hopefully taking full […]

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  • When adults double down on bullying

    So I’m sure you’ve all at least heard about the story that’s been developing out of North Carolina: 9-year-old Grayson Bruce was bullied for carrying a My Little Pony backpack. No child asks to be bullied and bullying is NEVER acceptable. I don’t care if that child is wearing all black or pink sparkles. I don’t care […]