When adults double down on bullying

So I’m sure you’ve all at least heard about the story that’s been developing out of North Carolina: 9-year-old Grayson Bruce was bullied for carrying a My Little Pony backpack. No child asks to be bullied and bullying is NEVER acceptable. I don’t care if that child is wearing all black or pink sparkles. I don’t care […]

Stop the pregnancy whining!

I’m over pregnancy whining on Facebook. Don’t get me wrong – I love keeping track of my friends’ pregnancies over social media. Over the years my friends have dispersed around the country (and the world!) and it’s nice to see the bump pictures and occasional status updates.  But we all have one or two of those friends, […]

Healthy starts early.

During my normal end-of-day Facebook roundup last night, I came across an article that further steeled my resolve to make sure Arthur and his future siblings (fingers crossed!) develop a healthy relationship with food. A new study shows, apparently, that children’s tendency to obesity is mostly established by the time they are in kindergarten. Five. Years. […]

Defining normal

I made an interesting observation on Monday while I was feeding Arthur dinner. I try to talk to him during his meal, usually just comments about how good his food is (and it better be, it’s all fresh!), but this time I looked at the words on his sleeper (“King of the Crib” and “Wild […]

Sleep transitioning

Sleep transitioning. I had this grand idea to talk about the gradual process of moving Arthur from his place in our shared bed to his own crib, but after last night those two words just make me want to put my head down on my desk and sob. Sunday night, we went by the usual […]