Uncluttered by Gwen Smith has been stuck in my head from the day I first listened to it a couple of weeks ago. I searched for her music on Spotify after I signed up for her Girlfriends in God devotional, and this was one of the songs that just called out like she had written it while sitting in my head…especially the chorus:

So I’m cleaning out some closets, tearing down some walls

Things I’ve never needed that have been there way too long

Give myself completely, with nothing in between

Like the kind of love He has for me

‘Cause I want my love for Him to always be


My friends and family know what a challenge it is for anything in my world to be uncluttered – my schedule, my house, my work spaces… To outsiders it would seem that I thrive on chaos, when the opposite is becoming increasingly true. I don’t find inner peace in place of the keys I swore were on the counter, and searching through piles of things just makes me want to throw every last bit of it away.

Despite my desire to declutter, though, it seems like there’s always something else that comes up. And despite knowing that cluttered space contributes to a cluttered mindset, it didn’t occur to me until listening to this song that the clutter could also be standing in the way of a deeper relationship with God.

My clutter has created a pretty significant intersection at the corners of “better personal organization” and “greater growth in faith”.

In the last few days the desire for an uncluttered life has become an imperative, in more ways than one: not only do I feel like I’m sinking in “stuff”, but we’re also now dealing with a toddler who can stand up and reach all of the things that didn’t exist to him just a few short weeks ago. So clutter is causing spiritual, mental, and now insurmountable practical issues.

I cannot do this on my own.

But I will do it, with help and with a faith that grows more every day that I am not on my own.