Whisper, for now [#Blogtober14 Day 10]

Called “Whisper”, but not really. I don’t know what I’ll call it yet. I’m taking suggestions. Obviously, my #Blogtober14 contribution for today – this is what I was feeling, not so much the prompt. I just have this idea that a whisper can be so much louder than a shout, that the quiet and measured can hit harder than a sonic boom. (That, poetry critics and high school students everywhere, is a freebie. Remember that for your papers when I’m a famous poet.) 

“Whisper” – for now

Beats in syncopation to the ticking of the clock

Counting long-dead moments and whispers that won’t fade

A simple, steady rhythm marks the passing time

And then a word – a rush – and I no longer breathe

Away and free and yet, it seems, flying too close

Melts my wings and my illusions

And I find the words are merely chains of my own making

Quiet, soft, and stronger than eternity

Echoes whisper across the years, and yet

They deafen me

Bound in constant orbit around your brokenness

And I am cold, and lost, and broken too

Bitter, jagged fault lines divide me in two

Between what is, what could have been…

What could never be

And bound in constant orbit, the whispers make me shiver.


I’m not in the habit of polishing my work once it’s down on paper – or, if you will, on the screen. So this is what it is, and so it goes.

Helene in Between