The stars

A blue sky at nightfall. Tree silhouettes appear in the foreground with a glimpse of a porch to the left.

the stars finally appearedwhen the sky grew so dark that the trees melted into itthe stars finally appearedfirst one, then othersand even though I saidI was done with wishesI stepped outlocked eyes with the firstand wept the stars finally appearedand all I could offer was a tear for every wishtoo heavy to carry,too big for […]


For being the god who seesYou sure don’t seem to see *me*The prayers and pleasThat pour out from meJust…roll off your resurrected backWhat else am I to concludebut thatHope is a lieVulnerability a trapKeep up the maskIt’s the only way to get through Could you maybe shut up and say something?The silence is too loudto […]

The fig tree

What if the fig treewas a live-streamed news reportand when Philipcalled to Nathanael,“Come and see!”it wasn’t Jesus he found but some Jesus flagsand a whole lot of Trump onesand some shirts that said“Camp Auschwitz”andSix Million Wasn’t EnoughandCivil Warnot the Captain America moviebut a remake of 1861 with gunsand flash bombsand zip tiesand gallowsand a mob […]

Magnificat, Nullius Minuat

CW: Mentions of sexual assault I wrote this Magnificat-and-not (nullius minuat) litany for a worship service first celebrated December 31, 2017. The sermon is titled, “Magnificat and #MeToo”. It is a call and response between the Magnificat of Mary (Luke 1:46-55) and an imagined response by Tamar, daughter of David, after she was raped by […]

Hans is us: the complexity of Frozen’s villainous prince

Prince Hans waving

Prince Hans of the Southern Isles is either the most underhanded of Disney villains, or the most unjustly accused. The dashing prince, who is set up as a hero for so much of 2013’s Frozen, takes a heel turn so suddenly that it spawned fan conspiracy theories across the Web. (Steve Wetherell and Brendan McGinley […]