Baby bumps and non-alcoholic wine

Happy New Year! Just like last year, I find myself so thrilled that the calendar has flipped and now I can say that the moment we’re waiting for (okay, a baby this year instead of a wedding) is IN THE SAME YEAR!! I might let myself get a little too excited, don’t stop me now!

I finally had my first baby bump picture taken, on Christmas Day at 15 weeks (and some days, but who’s counting?) because we bought my mom a new digital camera for Christmas and she was itching to try it. I’m slacking on Week 16 but I still have a couple more days…and I can’t do it now because I may or may not be wearing the same sweater I wore on Christmas. Don’t judge. (It is, however, one of my new awesome maternity shirts from Motherhood Maternity, so hooray for not showing off the goods anymore!)

Today was a pretty exciting day – I had my monthly prenatal appointment, which like last month’s went extremely well (and fast). Last month I actually lost 4 pounds, and this month I went up by about 1.5 pounds. I blame at least half of that on my snow boots. Kid A is happy and healthy, AND we have clearance to go for the ultrasound in just 22 days! I was hoping that the imaging center would get us in two weeks from today, but they want to wait until a solid 19 weeks to make sure everything is, ahem, developed. Either way, the family is already on alert for the “Meet the Prince(ss)” dinner to take place that evening, and I’m already plotting ways to make the big reveal…

It’s so nice to look in the mirror and see a bona fide baby bump looking back at me. I was already a bit round when this whole adventure started, but now when I put my hands on my belly I can actually feel the hard bump of my uterus – and maybe, just maybe, the beginnings of baby flutters…

Als0 – if you didn’t know that they make wine with the alcohol removed, here is your PSA – Fre has a good flavor, despite going down like a glass of real wine that’s sat out just long enough for the fizz to be gone. It also makes for some pretty entertaining blackmail pictures if your friends can remember to take them! (Sometimes it really is amusing to be the sober person in the room…)

That does, though, lead to this month’s pet peeve: my friends, well-meaning and playful though they are, sometimes come across like they think pregnancy has made me an idiot.

It has. But still.

If I’m at an event called Wine and Canvas (SO MUCH FUN), it’s safe to assume I’m not participating in the “wine” part of the program. If I post that we bought paint for our house (did I mention we bought a house for Christmas?), it doesn’t mean I’m about to suit up and start throwing that paint on the walls without any thought to Kid A’s safety or my own. (After careful research, I am helping to paint the nursery – but I’ll leave the bulk of the work to others.) Yes, I’m pregnant and that means there are things that I should think twice before doing – smoking, drinking, playing with potentially toxic substances – but I’m not dead. I still want to live and to have a good time with reasonable boundaries, which may mean I’m at an event that prominently features alcohol or getting my hands dirty helping Brian make our house a home. I take my vitamins, eat reasonably healthy meals, and don’t take rides from strangers. PLEASE have some faith that I have at least this part of parenting figured out.

So, I get that my response to the above is more than likely my hormones getting the best of me. It just rankles me sometimes, even though I know that my awesome friends are only looking out for me (and, more importantly, their awesome nephew- or niece-to-be). And I love them for that.

Pictures as soon as I can get them…including one of the adorable sleeper sack my mom bought the kid for Christmas!