The domestic un-goddess

The battle for domestic bliss – it’s real, and it’s never-ending.I’m a big fan of personal organization, which I’ve mentioned more than a dozen times on here and, well, just about everywhere else. The problem is, admiring and cataloging organizational best practices is only productive when you actually put them into practice…and there, dear friends, I am lacking.

It’s easy to blame that on being a toddler mama and expecting the second, though it’s no exaggeration that this pregnancy has been much more taxing on me. Getting things ready for another baby has multiplied the existing chaos in our routine. On top of normal mess, now we’re trying to redo three of our five bedrooms – converting the little-used front room downstairs into a play/nap/guest room; updating the nursery with new paint and furniture; and finally tackling the as-yet ignored “plaid room” (including full paint and a new floor) to make Arthur’s new big boy room.

But even these circumstances are just symptoms of a larger problem. Unfortunately, for me the gap between wanting domestic perfection and achieving domestic perfection has always been a chasm rather than a crack in the sidewalk. I don’t have patience for clutter and mess, but my default reaction is to scowl and then ignore it in favor of something else. While I’m not a hoarder, the title of pack-rat sits uncomfortably on my shoulders.

And now it’s time for a change. Today I’m officially committing to my own Domestic Un-Goddess Boot Camp (trademark pending…ha) to get my act – and this house – together. To celebrate slash hold myself accountable, each week I will share the best practices that this lazy housewife has found for making home an even happier place to be. I will highlight things that I am personally doing and possible tweaks to make them work better for you. You may even get pictures, if I can be bothered to take them.

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