My Fall Bucket List [#Blogtober14 Day 5]

It’s #Blogtober14! I’m working on posts about more substantial topics, but for today I’ll stick to the prompt: What is your fall bucket list?Fall is my absolute favorite season. I hate the dead cold of winter outside of the maybe two days of good snow. The summer is gorgeous, but like so many I get tired of the oppressive heat (though I love a good summer thunderstorm). The spring is lovely, but in this part of Ohio it’s more like a post-winter drip until the last few weeks before spring melts into summer.

But fall…

Fall is crisp and vibrant and golden. It is sunny days and thunderstorms and just enough heat with just enough breeze. It’s bonfires and hay rides and my favorite holiday, Halloween. It’s spiced cider and caramel apples and even a couple of pumpkin spice lattes.

jimmy fallon thank you psl fall bucket list

This fall will be among the most interesting ones I’ve lived, because Arthur is old enough to actively engage the world around him. Last year he was sweet and tiny and snuggly warm, but this year he is bright and inquisitive and eager for new adventures. He’s walking now, so we can take strolls through our backyard as the leaves fall and listen to them crunch. We can rake them up in a pile so he can see just how fun it is to dive into it. We can go trick-or-treating for the first time and watch him get a kick out of being dressed as someone else for the night.

So, I’m getting ahead of myself!

My Fall 2014 Bucket List

Purge the summer (clothes)

I don’t know about you, but my closet is CHAOS. I have summer clothes strewn everywhere, and more ill-fitting clothes from every season than I would care to admit. This fall, I am going to redo my closet – put away shorts and other summer clothes that I can’t transition to fall, and donate or toss the clothes that I can’t or don’t want to wear. I also want to put in a lower rack or some shelves to increase the usable space in my closet and make it easier to find everything.

Take a fall hike

Did I mention that fall weather is gorgeous? We are fortunate to have so many different trails and metroparks in the area, so I want to grab Brian and Arthur and take a long walk to see the changing leaves.

Leaf pile!

Yeah, we covered this, but it bears repeating. I’m already mentally raking my front yard (which would probably make my neighbors happy…)

Pick out pumpkins

I don’t know if we’ll make it to a pumpkin patch this fall, but at the very least I want to go to the store and pick out a couple of small pumpkins to decorate. I’ll set up the finger paints for Arthur to do his and then figure out something cute to do with mine – and then, I’ll roast the pumpkin seeds! Mmmm, now I’m hungry.

pumpkin patch fall bucket list

Have (or go to) a bonfire

We have this very deep backyard with plenty of space to create or set a fire pit. We’ve been talking about it for nearly two years now, and this fall is the time to make it happen. All I want is one clear and dry night to sit out, drink some beers and roast some marshmallows. Now, we just need a fire pit. And some friends to come over.

Party (for a paycheck)

The summer was a slow season for my Thirty-One business, and I am so eager to get back into the swing of partying with awesome ladies! I may never become a multi-millionaire, but I love what this business can do for our family and my need for girl time.

Leave a little sparkle

Candidacy retreat

This is not so much a bucket list item as a given – I’m registered! I am still prayerfully considering my call to ministry and how God wants me to serve the world. While I’m not sure how my path will go, I am taking official steps to get started and one of them is our conference’s fall candidacy retreat. In two weeks I will spend a full day with my district’s mentors as well as other candidates from throughout the conference as well as conference leaders. We will learn more about the official candidacy process and hopefully set up our mentoring sessions at the same time.

Start holiday planning

It seems sacrilegious to even type this one out, as one of my biggest pet peeves is rushing through fall just to get to Christmas. (Really, stores? Christmas stuff doesn’t need to be out already.) However, this Christmas will be another milestone event for us. While it’s Arthur’s second Christmas, it will be his first fully-engaged one. Last Christmas he wasn’t terribly interested in the idea of opening presents or in anything else involved in the holiday. This year, I expect him to actively rip through paper and show actual excitement over the gifts we’ll choose for him instead of the cooperative pull-and-tug we did last year.

But believe me – there’s enough I’m not looking forward to in terms of Christmas that I won’t be rushing the fall one bit.

GC dashing through the no

My bucket list isn’t terribly exciting this fall, but I’m beyond excited to make new memories (and maybe new traditions?) with Arthur as he grows. Happy Fall!

What’s on your bucket list this season?

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