Organize Now!: The Vision Board

Organize Now!: Think & Live Clutter-Free by Jennifer Ford Berry is one of the resources I have been using to finally organize my home and life. The book is designed as a week-by-week guide to de-clutter and refocus, and I’ve decided to cover at least some of my efforts here.

This week: the vision board.

organize vision boardAdmittedly, I find vision boards more than a little daunting. You would think that anyone who can use Pinterest to organize their wedding daydreams and fashion wish lists could put together a vision board (and Berry actually suggests using Pinterest as a digital vision board!), but it’s more than the curation of the images themselves – it’s the identification of what to put on the board. 

The vision board is a representation of what you want to be/do/accomplish, and is meant to help you recognize those things when they enter your life. As with Week 1, Berry breaks down the process of the vision board into manageable steps to complete during the week and follows up with suggestions to keep it fresh throughout the year (paraphrased):

  • What is the purpose of the vision board? Is it meant to represent your entire life or a part of your life? (You can create separate boards for different parts of your life.)
  • Is your vision board digital or paper? Mine will be digital – I am using Pinterest to create my board so I can easily update and add to it, and it is always at my fingertips. (Added bonus: You can use the description to remind yourself why you chose to pin that picture or state your vision, i.e. “I want…”)
  • Take a half-hour of uninterrupted time to daydream about your ideal life and see what you want before you begin your board. Let go of your fear before you start.
  • Use pictures, words, and quotes to fill your board.
  • Break an all-encompassing vision board into segments and work on each segment one at a time.
  • Put a photo of yourself in the center of the board – remember to keep yourself at the center of your goals!

Berry’s additional suggestions include periodic updates to existing vision boards to maintain interest and motivation, and the creation of additional boards for new resolutions.

Stay tuned – I’ll post a link to my vision board when it’s “complete”!