I love books of all kinds, and I love sharing my favorites with others! The books below have been especially meaningful to me. I have relevant categories listed, and you can purchase any of them on Amazon! I am an Amazon Associate, so purchases made by clicking on any of the links on this page will help support this blog!

Mom Seeks God: Practicing Grace in the Chaos by Julia Roller

Category: Faith/Family

mom seeks god
From my review on Luxury Reading:

Roller’s writing style is genuine and humorous, as well as easy to follow. Any parent, new or seasoned, will appreciate her frustrations as well as her proudest moments. More importantly, her journey toward spiritual discipline is one that any reader can incorporate into her (or his) life. Every chapter ends with some easy tips to begin practicing the discipline covered, and the notes at the end will guide readers to other books Roller mentions that helped her along the way.


Mom Seeks God is inspirational, instructional, and a joy to read. I recommend this book to anyone who seeks God in the chaos of their everyday life.






The Next Christians: The Good News About the End of Christian America by Gabe Lyons

Category: Faith

the next christians


In The Next Christians, Lyons disarms readers by speaking as a candid observer rather than cultural crusader. Where other people shout, Lyons speaks in a measured tone offering helpful analysis of our current reality while casting a vision for how to be a Christian in a world disenchanted with the faith. Both a celebration and a reckoning, The Next Christians combines current day models and relevant research with stories of a new generation of Christian leaders. If you are worried by what you see transpiring around you, this book will take you on a surprising social exploration in hopes that you too will restore confidence in your faith.

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