Simplifying is not only about reducing the number of products you use, but also carefully selecting the most effective products to maximize your space and time. Below are some of my favorite products and places to find them.

Simplified Planner 2015

Carried by: Emily Ley (Shop her site!)

Category: Organization

simplified planner
Copyright 2014 Emily Ley


I have the Simplified Planner 2014 and I absolutely love it! I have seriously never been more excited for a single product in my life. For those who haven’t seen this beautiful planner in all its glory, its size (and yes, weight) seem inconsistent with the idea of simplifying.

However, this planner is designed to help “simplify, prioritize, and make room for joy”. Emily includes a handy “how-to” section in the very beginning that will help you start the process of simplifying and get the most out of the planner. From go-to dinner ideas to the memories you want to make, this planner really keeps it all together.

Each month is divided by a colored tab, and you get the whole month view plus a whole page for each day (Saturday and Sunday share)! No more trying to squeeze your life into a single disorganized block. For a bonus, you can color code your entries like I do. 🙂

Updates to the 2015 planner include:

Three gorgeous cover designs (I’m showing Navy Dot, the one I want!) including the classic stripe design
Stronger gold elastic strap to keep everything together
Tabs before the month view instead of after

The 2015 planner will be available September 3 at 10:00 am and is guaranteed to ship the next business day! Don’t miss out!




Home Base Binder

Carried by: Emily Ley

Category: Organization

home base binder product
Copyright 2013 Shay Cochrane


Guys, it’s here!

The Home Base Binder is a new and improved version of Emily’s outstanding Simplified Life Binder. I’ll let her handle the description!

The perfect place to manage home, family and everything in between. Inside this 11 x 11.5 binder you’ll find an inside front pocket, 82 beautiful pages / worksheets and 6 gold foil detailed, colorful dividers ready to be put to great use. Use our sheets (all included), our free printables or punch holes into your own pages and slip them in!

Visit her page to learn more about the six sections! I’ll certainly be posting a more complete review once I have mine in hand.

Emily has also released a page refill kit to accommodate owners of the vintage Simplified Life Binder.

Check out the rest of her newly-released 2014 collection as well!

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