A Love Letter to the Neighborhood

Well, it’s time for me to step into the confessional. Arthur…enjoys screen time. Now that you’ve recovered and I’ve passed off my World’s Best Mom mug, time for confession #2: I. Love. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. For the uninitiated, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a PBS show based in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make-Believe and centered around a new […]

One more

Give me one more tearful goodbye when I turn to leave your room at daycare, even though it breaks my heart.Give me one more bright-eyed squeal of delight when I walk into the room. Your joy makes all of the day’s madness slip away.Give me one more drop of your head on my shoulder, arms clinging […]

Arthur’s 1st Birthday, and remembering.


I am overwhelmed with profound thoughts and emotions, and strangely enough find myself without the words to express them. My little boy’s first birthday is today – he’s officially crossed over from “baby” to “toddler” even though in my eyes and heart he will just always be my precious love. He’s 10 inches longer than he was […]

He’s here!

This post is a little belated; as I’m sure anybody with a newborn can understand, adjusting to sleep and feeding schedules (as well as having this beautiful new person to love!) complicates the search for blogging time. At any rate, Arthur has arrived! I’m working on his birth story and will hopefully have it finished […]