A Love Letter to the Neighborhood

Well, it’s time for me to step into the confessional. Arthur…enjoys screen time. Now that you’ve recovered and I’ve passed off my World’s Best Mom mug, time for confession #2: I. Love. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. For the uninitiated, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a PBS show based in Mr. Roger’s Land of Make-Believe and centered around a new […]

Letter to myself [#Blogtober14 Day 8]

I’m actually really looking forward to today’s #Blogtober14 prompt: Write a letter to yourself in 10 years. Call me weird, but I have written letters to myself before and despite losing them before their intended open dates I relish the practice (that compulsory “letter to yourself at the end of high school” exercise notwithstanding). I wrote myself a letter to […]

My Fall Bucket List [#Blogtober14 Day 5]

It’s #Blogtober14! I’m working on posts about more substantial topics, but for today I’ll stick to the prompt: What is your fall bucket list?Fall is my absolute favorite season. I hate the dead cold of winter outside of the maybe two days of good snow. The summer is gorgeous, but like so many I get tired of the oppressive heat (though I […]