The fig tree

What if the fig tree
was a live-streamed news report
and when Philip
called to Nathanael,
“Come and see!”
it wasn’t Jesus he found

but some Jesus flags
and a whole lot of Trump ones
and some shirts that said
“Camp Auschwitz”
Six Million Wasn’t Enough
Civil War
not the Captain America movie
but a remake of 1861

with guns
and flash bombs
and zip ties
and gallows
and a mob unconcerned
with Nathanael’s integrity
unless it would lead him
to their conclusions

can anything good be from this?
the question lingers,
turning to ash and bile
amid tinny calls for
bigger brooms
to sweep this all under the rug
can’t we all just get along?

This can’t be the Christ,
Nathanael would spit,
as he stalked back to his fig tree
to mutter about more false messiahs
and wait for a different miracle.