Deconstruction and Parenting: King Agnarr in Frozen II

Frozen II King Agnarr

Deconstruction represents the process by which we start to pull at the threads of harmful patterns and beliefs that we have inherited, sometimes over generations. For many, deconstruction includes the role and value of children and proper discipline. In faith communities, it often involves questioning the identity and demeanor of the God we have received. […]

One more

Give me one more tearful goodbye when I turn to leave your room at daycare, even though it breaks my heart.Give me one more bright-eyed squeal of delight when I walk into the room. Your joy makes all of the day’s madness slip away.Give me one more drop of your head on my shoulder, arms clinging […]

My Fall Bucket List [#Blogtober14 Day 5]

It’s #Blogtober14! I’m working on posts about more substantial topics, but for today I’ll stick to the prompt: What is your fall bucket list?Fall is my absolute favorite season. I hate the dead cold of winter outside of the maybe two days of good snow. The summer is gorgeous, but like so many I get tired of the oppressive heat (though I […]

Arthur’s 1st Birthday, and remembering.


I am overwhelmed with profound thoughts and emotions, and strangely enough find myself without the words to express them. My little boy’s first birthday is today – he’s officially crossed over from “baby” to “toddler” even though in my eyes and heart he will just always be my precious love. He’s 10 inches longer than he was […]