I don’t feel married. I mean…there are moments. Like the first time I referred to him as “my husband” in casual conversation. And the entire day I spent running around to change my name, even though that feels pretty normal now as well. And yes, the cramp in my hand from writing another batch […]

Living Love & Respect

As part of our ceremony preparation, Brian and I have been attending informal monthly meetings with our awesome youth pastor turned officiate, Kathy. At our last meeting in December, Kathy suggested that Brian and I take a five-week course offered by the church on Love & Respect to strengthen our relationship – “it can’t help but help!” […]

Monday musing

A few reflections from this weekend: Farmers’ markets should be mandated by law in every community. Mom and I went out at 8 am on Saturday to the Willoughby Farmers’ Market (conveniently, run by our cousin) and oh. my. goodness what a difference fresh produce makes. I walked out with bags of fruits and vegetables […]