The stars

A blue sky at nightfall. Tree silhouettes appear in the foreground with a glimpse of a porch to the left.

the stars finally appearedwhen the sky grew so dark that the trees melted into itthe stars finally appearedfirst one, then othersand even though I saidI was done with wishesI stepped outlocked eyes with the firstand wept the stars finally appearedand all I could offer was a tear for every wishtoo heavy to carry,too big for […]


For being the god who seesYou sure don’t seem to see *me*The prayers and pleasThat pour out from meJust…roll off your resurrected backWhat else am I to concludebut thatHope is a lieVulnerability a trapKeep up the maskIt’s the only way to get through Could you maybe shut up and say something?The silence is too loudto […]

The fig tree

What if the fig treewas a live-streamed news reportand when Philipcalled to Nathanael,“Come and see!”it wasn’t Jesus he found but some Jesus flagsand a whole lot of Trump onesand some shirts that said“Camp Auschwitz”andSix Million Wasn’t EnoughandCivil Warnot the Captain America moviebut a remake of 1861 with gunsand flash bombsand zip tiesand gallowsand a mob […]

Magnificat for the Madonna

A pre-Advent meditation… I’m thankful that a teenage girl in a backwater village said yes –Yes to sideways glances.Yes to whispered (and not-so-whispered) accusations.Yes to suspicion from family and neighbors.Yes to the possibility of going it alone.Yes to a million and one other things she couldn’t know would happen.Yes through her fear.Yes through her doubt.Yes […]