Walking in Wilderness

Photo by Tasos Mansour on Unsplash
Photo by Tasos Mansour on Unsplash

I catch your eyes drift and you’re far from here
Again, you’re lost in wilderness


Though I’d keep you from the brambles and the shadows
and the cold…
Through them is the path you’re looking for

I cannot lead you on,
cannot keep you back,
can’t hack away the vines that would ensnare you
I can’t shout down silhouettes of monsters I can’t even see

But I can sit here, in a clearing on the way
I can watch and wait and listen,
make a place where you’ll be safe
for a moment, until the journey starts again

and then

I’ll walk beside you
on the path
wherever it leads
however it weaves

until in the wilderness you are found
and you find your way home.