What’s new in my world

I feel like this site has become the old friend I run into after months of no contact, or with whom I set up a coffee date because I’ve forgotten what they look like. What’s new, I’d ask while putting far too much sugar into my coffee or sipping the latte I wisely bought instead…

There’s been a lot going on in my life, personally and professionally, and it’s time to get it all out there.

Followers of my other blog, From 0 to Baby, know the most important piece of news already – I’m a mom! I had a beautiful baby boy in June and spent the better part of the summer at home getting to know him and establishing a new normal in our lives. It’s hard to keep track of what’s new with him, because he is changing and growing every day. Follow From 0 to Baby to read about how parenthood has changed us, and of course to catch the occasional adorable picture of our boy!

After two months of maternity leave, I came back to an entirely new position at work. I’m officially a Content Writer for our companies’ blogs and Social Media Maven in charge of sharing our brand with the world – or at least our target audiences. It’s so fulfilling to be writing regularly, a habit I’ve clearly fallen out of in favor of other responsibilities. Now, I’m getting paid for it! (Finally.)

I also decided to start a side gig, to bring in some extra dollars and to support a company that I have grown to love. Look for more information about that on the site in the coming days!

Sadly, it doesn’t seem like there’s much else new these days. People are still grandstanding at the expense of the people for whom they should be advocating; discrimination is still ugly and all-too-present; and capital-F Feminists are still up in arms about Robin Thicke despite more compelling (and technically accurate) arguments that “Blurred Lines” is a sex-positive shout-out rather than a date rape anthem. That said, go to Jezebel if you want to argue the point.

Stay tuned for what’s new next time…hopefully not three months from now!