A filter is only good if you use it.

Oh Friday…the perfect day for a PSA about the importance of using a filter before spewing your word vomit.

There’s a blog post making the rounds from some chick in DC who makes it a point of pride that she just turned 26 and “doesn’t have a filter”. If you feel like conserving brain cells today, the TL;DR version: she’s a special sneauxflake who went on two dates with a guy she met at a bar. He canceled plans for their third outing and let her down FAR more gently than she deserved, especially given that she went batshit crazy on him in text messages and even sent messages to his company in hopes that he would be fired.

Don’t let her “oh haha, I don’t have a filter” argument fool you, though – she writes with great pride that she stewed over the rejection that didn’t matter to her at all for 10 hours before her hate-laced diatribe against him and his daughter (WTF, chick?). The question of whether this girl has a filter is irrelevant when she so unabashedly refuses to use it. Last somebody checked, it appears she may have lost her own job over this display of immature hubris

How does this still happen? Is it really possible that in 2013 there are still people who don’t realize they are only illustrating their own idiocy when they post things like this? Sweetheart (and all you other special sneauxflakes out there), you are not special because you have a condo and self-published two books (that are also, apparently, awful). You are not above reproach or ridicule because your “closest friends” number in the hundreds. (You’re actually probably lying to yourself, there just isn’t enough time in the day to be “close friends” with that many people.) If you’ve read the comments of your own blog I’m sure it’s no surprise by now that a lot of people really don’t like you – and I’d say they’re justified.

I read the phrase “winning your 20s” in an unrelated discussion this morning, but I think it applies here. You and so many others need a serious reality check. Sure, it’s an accomplishment to own your own place (unless someone else bought it for you…). You chose your career path? Awesome. You’re making money doing what you love (or, were until your misguided filter-free fest)? Get it, girl. But don’t think because you’re winning your own 20s that means you’re heads and shoulders above everyone else.

Do something meaningful. Volunteer (I mean get your hands dirty) working with underprivileged kids or teaching English in another country. Go to med school and specialize in medicine that will help people. Get off your high horse for five minutes and look at people in your age group who are seriously making a difference, and who will never have to work as hard as you will to purge their Google search results.

Above all else? Seriously, get thee a filter and use it.